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For travellers wanting to explore the charm of the Piedmont region and the beautiful city of Turin, Oracle Journeys can offer exclusive experiences and unforgettable journeys as a local supplier. We create unique itineraries with in depth local knowledge to show off the very best of this region, its heritage, culture and landscapes, to explorers with a wide variety of interests.

August 19, 2020 / By Oracle Journeys

The local food of the region is rich and world renowned thanks to the lush landscapes of mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes, that can be toured by car in a vintage Fiat 500 or even viewed from above in a hot air balloon, where you can take in the scale and beauty of the area.

Piedmont’s annual food festivals entice travellers with a taste for haute cuisine for an experience like no other, sampling the region’s finest and most unique products.

Food lovers and gourmands flock to Piedmont every autumn for a host of festivals, including the Slow Food Fair – Salone del Gusto in Turin, one of the most important food festivals in the world. The famous Alba White Truffle Festival has celebrated one of the region’s most unique products for nearly 100 years and gives travellers with a taste for haute cuisine an experience like no other, where you can join a local hunter to discover the rituals of finding this ‘white gold’ before sampling the freshest produce at a hillside restaurant. You can learn more about this verdant region’s local produce, from delicious wine and cheese, to rice, hazelnuts and aromatic herbs, in a private cooking class or culinary workshop.

Explore Turin’s culture and history

A breath-taking dose of culture is just around the corner with a trip to Turin. Once the capital city of Italy and the seat of the royal family, the grandeur of the buildings, palaces, museums, piazzas, churches and colonnaded streets is unmissable. The city’s unique setting overlooked by green hills and the towering Italian Alps reminds you of the city’s connection to the rest of the region. Around the city not only will you find even more vineyards to sample the famous local Barolo wine, you will also discover a complex of castles of great historical, artistic and environmental significance, the Savoy residences, where the history and splendour of Piedmont is just waiting to be discovered by curious travellers, looking for an unforgettable Italian adventure.

Luxury travel in Piedmont

To discover more about the hidden gem of Italy on an unforgettable gastronomic adventure, with a dash of culture and a splash of history, let Oracle Journeys plan your perfect trip. Piedmont is a wonderful region to visit all year round. The beautiful mountains, hills, rivers and lakes as well as the nearby Ligurian coast provide a stunning backdrop to Turin and Piedmont’s other towns and villages where you can immerse yourself in the culture of northern Italy. Indulge in the finest food and wine with exclusive one-of-a-kind experiences arranged through our close local connections. Get in touch to find out more about planning a luxury trip to Piedmont with Oracle Journeys today.

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