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In the western Indian Ocean, just below the equator is a dreamy group of 115 islands, The Republic of Seychelles, where luxury intermingles with stunning natural beauty.

The archipelago’s main island is Mahe Island, where you will find Victoria, the smallest city in the world. Small it may be, but Victoria, with its authentic Creole character, striking monuments and charming markets will leave a mark on your memory. Rainforest hugs the mountains and rolls towards the deserted beaches. You can find peace and quiet in stunning accommodation across various picturesque villages, the perfect base for daily adventures on the water – snorkelling, surfing, yachting and more.

Capital City


Local Time

GMT +4


Seychellois rupee


French, Seselwa and English

Best time to visit

April, May, October and November


Praslin Island’s most beautiful spot is the UNESCO World Heritage site Vallée de Mai, a coconut palm forest which lay undiscovered until the 1930s. It is home to native rare birds like the black parrot and the coco de mer tree which has the largest seeds of any plant found in the world. Outside of this unique valley there are many beautiful beaches with opportunities for diving, snorkelling and relaxing into the slower pace of island life.

Spending time on La Digue, Seychelles’ fourth largest island, is where you can truly see the history of this rich and varied archipelago. Colonial architecture mixes with winding island tracks that lead to some of the most picturesque beaches you will ever see. Take a bicycle tour around this accessible island to discover hidden coves and secluded sunset viewpoints that will take your breath away.

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