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It is hard to believe that one country, one destination, can offer so many different experiences, such a variety in culture, history, food and landscapes. From the Pacific coastline and over volcanoes to the Caribbean Sea, Mexico is a paradise for discerning travellers looking for adventure.

Baja California offers luxury travellers the perfect retreat in a luxurious and dramatic setting. Spend your time between a stunning villa in Los Cabos, a private yacht on the Sea of Cortez and some exclusive modern restaurants in the burgeoning Mexican culinary scene. To break up your luxury lounging with some adventure, try a diving expedition, a hike to the area’s remote archaeological sites or a thrilling helicopter tour over the forests and desert landscape.

Capital City

 Mexico City

Local Time

GMT -6


Mexican Peso



Best time to visit

December → April


Take a journey through Mexico’s rich culture and history as you step from the local craft markets selling handmade textiles and ceramics to the world class art galleries showcasing homegrown but globally renowned artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. It’s hard not to immerse yourself in the culture as the bright, friendly and warm local communities welcome you to join in traditional festivities like the Day of the Dead.

For a hands-on experience of Mexico’s pre-Colombian civilisations, there’s no better place than the Caribbean jewel that is the Yucatan Peninsula. Immerse yourself in the rich history – admire the view from atop a Mayan pyramid and feel the warmth of the unforgettable turquoise waters as you watch the sunrise. 

Mexico will charm you and enrich your soul.

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