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A journey to Italy is a journey through distinct regions, ever-changing landscapes and engaging cultures. Take what you know about Italy’s food, people and places and discover more about the true heart and soul of this country.

The Lakes district is a glorious escape which revels in an air of solitude and exclusivity. Lakes Como and Garda have a livelier atmosphere while Lake Orta is the peaceful, scenic sibling. You’ll fall in love with the Lakes district when you travel in style across the water to restaurants and villas that can only be reached by boat or seaplane. A slice of cosmopolitan life is never far away in Milan, the world-famous fashion and design capital that lives up to its reputation as a pre-eminently chic city.

The Aosta Valley is Italy’s snow-capped jewel. This small, Alpine region is where you can crest the highest peaks in the Alps including Gran Paradiso, Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc. The picturesque ski resort of Courmayeur offers adventurers not only great slopes but also plenty of nature spotting. Luxury chalets and hotels provide a cosy getaway after a day carving up the snow and indulging in the best après-ski spots.

Local food, lush landscapes and breath-taking culture abound in Piedmont and the beautiful city of Turin. Some of the most important food festivals in the world take place here. You can pair your discovery of the region’s finest delicacies with adventures through the grand mountains or resplendent urban boulevards. Lovers or history and culture have so much to explore in this region alone.

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Hark back to Italy’s most glamorous era in Portofino, a quaint town that became popular with international superstars in the 1950s. Its multicoloured fishing cottages line the winding stretch of the peninsula that creates a stunning natural harbour. Exquisite restaurants and designer shops make this pretty town the perfect places for a luxury break. A little further down the Ligurian coast to Cinque Terre, you can take in five towns with all the charm of Portofino but a more relaxed pace to take in the views across the Italian Riviera.

Whether you’re drawn to the lush hilltop views or the fine wines, Tuscany delivers everything you would dream of for a journey into the heart of Italy. Hop in an open-top Italian sports car and drive through Tuscany’s winding roads on a foodie excursion. And then tour the beautiful city of Florence where iconic locations lead to hidden gems and peaceful piazzas.

In Veneto, there is still space to discover unique experiences and immerse yourself in the culture of this popular region. Venice may draw in tourists from all over the world, but with a private guide and local knowledge passed down through generations, you can meet artisans and restaurateurs doing things the old-fashioned way. Away from the canals, Verona, Vicenza and the villages dotting the foothills of the Dolomites offer even more chance to get to know the region.

Lazio is one of Italy’s largest regions. With the capital city of Rome at its heart, you will find a dizzying array of historical sights, natural wonders, art, culture and gastronomic delights. Skip Rome’s crowds and enjoy private tours of the city’s most famous spectacles and neighbourhood trattorias. Then, melt away from urban life and discover Lazio’s dramatic volcanic scenery as you revive yourself with a dip in the hot springs and a bottle of a local fine wine.

On the Amalfi Coast, one of Europe’s most beautiful and popular stretches of coastline, there are still quiet, authentic places to be found. The rugged coastal towns of Ravello and Positano are the jewels of the region, but smaller villages hidden in coves and accessible only by boat provide a true Caprese experience. The island of Capri has a charm all of its own and rewards curious travellers with beautiful views and delicious local cuisine.

Explore the fascinating history of Sicily while enjoying the luxury and weatherworn charm of vibrant cities like Palermo and hilltop towns like Taormina. Italian culture takes on a new meaning in Sicily where European history meets Arab and African influences. The food, architecture and art melt seamlessly into the natural beauty and fierce character of this island. You can also set sail from Sicily to the beautiful Aeolian Islands, a perfect sunny spot to anchor your yacht for a few days.

Travel to the heel of Italy’s boot and you will find yourself in beautiful Puglia. Home of long stretches of pristine beach, verdant vineyards and historic cave formations, this is a region that remains true to the nature of Italy’s humble, authentic values and culture. But with Michelin star restaurants and exclusive boutique, you can enjoy the finer things alongside the traditional Italian spirit.

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