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Indonesia’s 17,000 islands stretch across both sides of the equator, spanning the Indian and Pacific oceans. These islands offer nature, culture, history and luxury unlike anywhere else.

Bali is surely the most well-known island of Indonesia, and with such a stunning mix of exotic culture, natural beauty, and luxury touches, it’s no surprise. Boutique hotels and high-end villas overlook the lush volcanic inland or the rolling waves on the shore. Lombok is Bali’s quieter sister island, where traditional villages and pristine coral atolls lead you across the water to the nearby Gili Islands for ultimate desert island experience.

From Bali, you can take a flight, private helicopter, or even a traditional Indonesian phinisi yacht to the island of Sumba. Here you can relax in a sumptuous private villa that fits exactly with your dream island getaway, whether it’s a boutique treehouse in the jungle or a luxury estate overlooking the surf breaks.

Capital City


Local Time

Jayapura (GMT+9), Bali (GMT+8)


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Best time to visit

May, June, and September


In Sumatra, nature is bursting, bubbling and blooming in every corner of this island, the fifth largest in the world. The Sumatran rainforest is dense, lush, and mostly untouched by tourism and development, so tigers, rhinos and orangutans, though endangered, make their home here, only to be spotted by the luckiest, most intrepid adventurers, ready to spend days deep in the jungle trails.

Java is the world’s most populous island; there’s history and culture to be soaked up in this vibrant place and plenty of peace and tranquillity to be found away from the crowds of the capital Jakarta as well. The Buddhist temple of Borobodur is a particular highlight, visit at sunrise to experience the majesty of this 9th century wonder.

Get back to basics and feel at one with the flora and fauna of Indonesia (including the eponymous Komodo dragons), and spend some time exploring the twin islands of Flores and Komodo. Commune with the locals in quaint guesthouses taking you to the heart of these islands’ culture. And don’t miss the diving opportunities off the coast of the Komodo National Park, where you might have a close encounter with whale sharks and manta rays.

Discover a diver’s paradise in the waters around West Papua and Raja Ampat, where you can find colourful, unique sea life in the centre of Indonesia’s renowned Coral Triangle. Raja Ampat, meaning ‘four kings’, has four main islands which hold many natural riches in their rainforests, mountaintops and beaches. While West Papua’s dense, unexplored forest, remote tribes and rugged terrain welcomes explorers looking for wild adventures.

You may already be familiar with the rich biodiversity to be found in Borneo. But while the northern, Malaysian part of the island is a well-worn tourist trail, Kalimantan (or Indonesian Borneo) is a hidden gem, full of wild experiences and authentic adventures into the lush natural landscape. Tanjung Puting National Park is one of the best places in the world to see incredible orangutans. Here you can hop on a houseboat and visit different primate habitats along the Sekonyer river for a truly unforgettable experience.

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