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Stretching all the way from the Atacama Desert in the north to Antarctica in the south, Chile is a long and narrow piece of land traversed by the Andes mountain range as if it were the backbone of this unusually elongated country.

The luxury traveller has many options to choose from when it comes to visiting Chile. Unspoiled natural beauty can be found throughout the country, on remote islands, atop ancient glaciers, across snow-white salt plains, across the 4,300km coastline, in the national parks and lush green forests, and in its modern capital city of Santiago that has become one of South America’s busiest metropolis during the last few decades.

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Wellness devotees can soak in hot springs scattered throughout the Chilean wilderness, in such varied places as the Atacama Desert and the lush Valdivian rainforest. Stargazers may delight in some of the planet’s clearest skies both in the desert and in magical Elqui Valley. 

Whale watchers can pick from hotspots all along the coastline, both in the north and in the southernmost fjord land of the country.

Chilean wine country is a treat both for wine lovers and for cyclists as it’s the perfect terrain to explore on two wheels. Adventure sports enthusiasts have a whole country full of mountains to climb and myriad lakes and rivers to practice rafting, kayaking and fly-fishing. Torres del Paine offers close-up encounters with the flora and fauna of the end of the world, puma photo safaris, and horseback riding across the seemingly never-ending Patagonian steppe.

And last, but certainly not least, we have Easter Island and Antarctica, which may not be part of the main continental territory but hold some of the most impressive charms of their own. Discover charismatic cultural traditions as well as prime scuba diving waters off Easter Island and some of the most otherworldly landscapes and pristine ecosystems of the planet in Antarctica.

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