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From the heart of South America, to the end of the world, Argentina is a place where your journey can cover a vast and enthralling expanse of landscapes, cities and cultures.

The grand boulevards that drive a path through the capital of Buenos Aires are from where you will discover iconic museums, world renowned restaurants and charming neighbourhoods. La Boca, famous for its resident tango dancers will enchant you. The smaller city of Mendoza also packs a punch in its gastronomic and cultural offerings as well as being a wonderful jumping off point for exploring the wine region.

Capital City

Buenos Aires

Local Time

GMT -3


Argentine peso



Best time to visit

October → Mid-December, April → Mid-June.


Northwest Argentina is rich in history, from spectacular geographical sights of the Calchaquí Valleys and the gateway to the Andes at Puna, to the ancient towns, quaint churches and centuries old farmland found in charming towns and villages like Cachi, Pumamarca and Quebrada de Humahuaca. The pristine colonial city of Salta will capture your heart as you share local wine with friendly residents in the historic city centre.

Surrounded by the otherworldliness of the Perito Moreno Glaciar, you’ll feel a world away from the buzz of Argentina’s urban gems. Adventurous hikers will love getting a close-up view of the icebergs and glacier wall in the region of Calafate and El Chaltén. Then journey even further, to the end of the world, with a trip to Ushuaia, where the proximity to Antarctica offers opportunities to see penguins, seals and humpback whales in their natural habitat.

Where the Atlantic Ocean meets the shores of Patagonia in Puerto Madryn and Península Valdés you will find ample opportunities for wildlife spotting. From sea birds and penguins to colonies of seals and the majestic whales that arrive in the waters each summer. The unhurried daily life in the city has all the charm of a small coastal town, making it the perfect base for nature lovers seeking new places to explore.

And of course, there’s the spectacular sight of the Iguazu Falls, which has to be seen to be believed. An exhilarating powerboat ride or a hike through the forest with a private guide will introduce you to the area, which sits on the border of Argentina and Brazil. The scale of this new natural wonder of the world is breath-taking and the beauty of the falls and the surrounding rainforest will stay with you forever.

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