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With a large indigenous population, Bolivia stands out as a culturally diverse nation, a fascinating and exotic destination for travellers who want to experience something truly unparalleled.

This country has kept the magic of the past alive. The colonial buildings, ancient ruins and vibrant culture reflect a rich heritage where most people still speak the ancient dialects of the Andes. Both Bolivia’s prodigious natural landscapes and rich urban centres are destinations that a luxury traveller will undoubtedly know how to appreciate and relish in.

Capital City


Local Time

GMT -4




Primarily Spanish

Best time to visit

May → October.


La Paz, amazes with its vibrant multicultural life, many traditional markets and unusual cable car public transportation system. Sucre and Potosí are two of Bolivia’s cities where history is palpable. You can still explore the genuine colonial layout and constructions, telling the story of the conquest of this young continent.

From the cities, you can travel to the otherworldly magical beauty of Uyuni Salt Flat, the highest and largest salt flat on Earth. Genuinely jaw-dropping, its unique dreamy landscapes where the land seems to merge with the sky are an unforgettable sight.

Bolivia also enjoys some of the planet’s most biologically diverse national parks and reserves, like Madidi and Amboró, which are true ecological masterpieces and a treat for wildlife lovers. You can discover corners of the Amazon jungle and their tropical dwellers, including different species of monkeys and jaguars.Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake, the “Sea of the Andes” or “Sacred Lake of the Incas”, offers both cruises across its waters and adventures on its mystical islands in company of the area’s indigenous inhabitants, who are happy to share with you their ancient culture and traditions that have survived for thousands of years.

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