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The dreamlike beaches and turquoise Caribbean waters of Belize may be what will first attract you to this beautiful country, but you will soon find there is so much more to discover. Dive deeper and not only will you find the world’s second-largest coral reef, shark and tropical fish species, and hundreds of tiny islands and atolls, you will also find a rich ancient culture, lush rainforest and many more hidden gems.

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Late November → Mid-April.

Image Credit: Belize Tourism Board


In Northwest Belize, you can spend days exploring the remote islands and reefs in the Cayes, it truly is a paradise for divers. But venture to the mainland near the border with Guatemala and Mexico and you’ll discover an exotic rainforest landscape scattered with luxury lodges and Mayan ruins where you can get up close to the jungle wildlife.

For curious travellers seeking the ultimate relaxation, the beaches in the south of Belize, like Placencia and Dangriga, are as remote as they are beautiful. A getaway in every sense of the word, these stunning beachside spots are a must for distraction-free, transformative travel.

The rich and varied history of Belize can be seen in the Mayan ruins at Caracol and Xuantunich, in the Cayo and Mountain Pine Ridge area. Use these historic sites as your starting point for more highlights of the inland region of Belize, where you can tour the Macal river in a traditional canoe, swim in the natural pools of the Rio Frio and spend time enjoying the slow pace of life of the local community.

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