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It’s time to get serious and talk bucket-list, once in a lifetime travel experiences.

Travel can be a welcomed escape from a routine reality however, if done right, it can be so much more than that, it can spark a whole new way of life entirely – welcome to transformational travel!

The evolution of travel continues to change dramatically and over the past 10 years experiential travel has become a big hitter. We have become ever more curious about the world around us, and ultimately ourselves, and travel is a way in which we can connect more deeply with both.   

Whether you’d like to master a new skill, take a life-changing retreat, uncover the mystical wonders of the universe or spend time reflecting on life’s big questions, we are connected to a wide range of practitioners, coaches, trainers and providers of truly transformational and life-changing trips.


Known for its dramatic canyons and quartz crystal formations, the Chapada do Veadeiros National Park is a mystical destination. Trek through the Valley of the Moon, then visit the nearby town of Alto Paraiso, known for its healing waters. Make camp here and meet with local shamans to learn about the powers of local plant medicines

Take a truly unique trip to Bali to meet the High Priestess, Ida Resi Alit. Stay with her at the ashram, Griya Agung Buddha Salahin, in Bangli and witness a true healer at work. 

Find sanctuary with a local Mayan community in the midst of the Yucatan Peninsula. Whilst staying in your very own Human Cocoon, embrace the healing waters of the nearby cenotes and embark on a profound personal development experience that promises to awaken your connection.

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