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Experience the wonders of the night sky with a blend of stargazing, storytelling and cosmology.

Stare up into the night sky and it’s hard to avoid being confronted by life’s big questions; Where did we come from? What or who else is out there? Why are we here? Whilst we’d love to know (answers on a postcard please), astronomers tend to be a little bit harder with the facts behind what you will witness through the telescope. 

Aside from boasting zero light pollution, the best destinations for stargazing tend to have plenty to appreciate by day too. Make the most of your adventure by incorporating ground-tours of neighbouring villages and local communities or active excursions by foot, bike or boat. Experiencing the magic of the cosmos is ideal as an educational trip for family and friends, or a romantic retreat for two.


Image Credit: Giulia Bertolazzi

Un-plug on a trip to the world’s first ‘dark-sky island’ of Sark. You’ll find no cars, streetlamps or phone signal on this tiny bump in the British channel. You will, however, find exceptional hospitality, unspoilt nature, an observatory and a former National Geographic photographer to help you capture the Milky Way.

Venture to Chile to join an astronomy specialist for a star-gazing experience of the southern skies. Become acquainted with constellations, star clusters, planets nebulae and galaxies whilst learning about the ancient Cosmovision of local indigenous tribes. Time it just right and you may even catch an eclipse

Adventure through Bolivia by state-of-the-art camper van to learn about Andean cosmovision. Park up at Uyuni Salt Lake – the world’s largest salt flat – and as the sun goes down watch the night sky consume you as it reflects off this glacial like landscape. A truly spectacular vision to behold whether you’re into astronomy or not!

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