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Going off-grid doesn’t have to mean travelling to the ends of the earth, although it does help.

Whilst hiring your own private island is one sure fire way to find some secluded peace and quiet, there are destinations that are completely un-inhabited by man because of their wildly remote location and lack of accessibility – that is, unless you’re in the know! 

Unplug from modern civilization, leave your smartphone behind and embrace the simple life. Let our off-grid experts take you on an unforgettable adventure where the only connection you need to work on, is the one with yourself.

These unique corners of the world offer exceptional scenery, out of the ordinary experiences, unique accommodation options and often, unusual modes of transport. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Giulia Bertolazzi


Invite a small group of friends or your loved one for an extraordinary guided tour of Scandinavia by Cessna seaplane. Expert crew will navigate narrow valleys to take you deep into nature and places untouched by tourism. Fish within the Arctic Circle under the midnight sun, float amongst forgotten fjords in Finland and explore the magical Norwegian islands of Lofoten

Fly first-class in a private jet to Wolf’s Fang runway for an off-grid adventure to Antarctica. Bed-down in a state-of-the-art sleeping pod, before a full-on schedule of ice tunnelling and penguin marching – but not before a hearty breakfast and perhaps some sub-zero yoga! 

Just a 40-minute drive from Reykjavik and you’ll find yourself lost amongst acres of farmland and black sandy beaches. Take a remote hideaway at an Icelandic off-grid glamping site, with little to do other than enjoy nature in its rawest form.  

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