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Whilst every trip should be the trip of a lifetime, your honeymoon is the one trip that trumps them all.

We understand every couple is different. Whilst some may want relaxation and romance after their big day, others might be looking for adventure and adrenaline.

Whether you want to whisk your loved one off to a private island for some secluded quiet time, trek through wild terrain visiting temples and tribal villages, or indulge in a gastronomical, art-history infused tour of the world’s most cultured cities, our honeymoon experts will deliver a truly unforgettable after party, exclusively for two.

And if you’re not quite sure what it is you’re looking for – no problem! Simply tell us a bit about yourselves and we’ll pull together the perfect travel plan that includes both of your interests, hobbies and tastes.

As you take your first journey as a wedded couple, step forward with confidence knowing you’ll receive VIP treatment from take-off to landing, with some Oracle Journeys surprises dotted along the way.


Escape with your soulmate to 1400 hectares of lush, rainforest-laced landscapes with rich coconut plantations and white sandy beaches on the tropical private island of Laucala. Known for its unparalleled levels of luxury and privacy, the island hosts a small collection of traditional Fijian villas that boast graceful hospitality and expansive views of the surrounding archipelago – perfect for a secluded stay for two. 

Mix romance and adventure with a guided trek through a private reserve in Patagonia. Stay in award-winning, custom-built and 100% eco-friendly Mongolian Yurts that include transparent domes to snuggle down under and watch the star-studded skies. Wake-up to the natural sounds of the forest and some of the most impressive views on the planet! 

Matera, on the rocky outcrop of Basilicata in southern Italy, is home to the UNESCO heritage site of Sassi – a complex of cave dwellings carved into the mountain side. Relax with your beloved in a private cave dwelling, rich in history and atmosphere, and indulge for days in 5-star gastronomy and luxury spa experiences. 

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