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We eat three (four, five, maybe seven) times a day, therefore food is undeniably a big part of any trip you’ll take.

Let’s face it, experiencing the culture of any other country isn’t complete without sampling the local cuisine. And it’s also a well-known fact that sharing a meal brings people, family, friends and communities together, so what better way to travel than to follow your taste buds. 

Whether you’re looking to kick-back and indulge in some silver service Michelin-star dining, forage for your dinner and break bread by the camp-fire, sip and cycle your way through valleys and vineyards or get stuck into the cooking under the masterful guidance of a professional chef, if fine food is an important part of your travel experience, we will design a taste tastic trip to satisfy your culinary curiosity. 

Gastronomy oriented travel doesn’t have to mean overindulging either, let us find you a destination that combines your love of food with your favourite interests and activities too.


Hop on your bike and take a rejuvenating cycle for the senses through Chile’s wine region. Sample exclusive labels at family-run estates set against a backdrop of lush countryside and the magnificent Andes Mountains. 

Immerse yourself in Japanese culture for an alternative fine-dining experience. Take a class in traditional mochi-pounding, try your hand at noodle catching and witness the ceremonial presentation of the recently popular matcha green tea

One of the richest territories in terms of food, wine and passion, Piedmont is synonymous with Italian culture. Here you can not only taste your way through traditional local flavours but learn how to re-create them yourself with professional grade cooking classes. Be sure to make friends with the chef though, he has the key to the wine cellar!

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