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Embrace adventure and travel to Sacred Places revealed by your unique Astrocartography map.

The time and place where you were born creates an astrological imprint that reveals your most empowered locations on earth. AstroCartoGraphy is a specialised branch of astrology that helps to reveal your Power Centres – your personal A-list locations that put powerful universal energies in your corner. Embracing your journey to these Sacred Places gives you the freedom and power to fulfil your heart’s desire in every area of your life. Not only does AstroCartoGraphy astrology identify the best places for you to travel for spiritual growth, it can also lead to more loving and supportive relationships with others, a deeper connection to your life purpose, openness to career and business opportunities leading to more prosperous income and wealth, vibrant healing through remedies from your resonant earth locations.


Meet Maya – Master Destination Astrologer

Maya is one of only 100 people certified in AstroCartoGraphy, a specialised branch of astrology which helps people find their perfect places on earth for love, prosperity and personal growth. Her articles and original horoscopes have been published worldwide and she works with clients to help them live in and travel to their most powerful places on the earth. And now, Maya is sharing her gifts and talents with Oracle Journeys travellers. Maya will help you identify your unique Power Centre earth locations for any specific purpose that you want to see in your life. To enhance love, improve your health or deepen your spiritual connection, try a journey to your Sacred Place. You may even choose to travel to an empowered location on your birthday to influence your good fortune for the year ahead.

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