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We would not be where we are today without the history that precedes us, which is a lot to work with!

Choose a city, an era or an artist and we’ll take you on a journey of discovery back in time. We work with private collectors, curators and museums to be able to grant you access to rare pieces not available for public viewing. Underground sites, historical palaces, exclusive private residences, hidden temples and secret crypts are all made accessible through our well-informed network. 

Walk, cycle, drive or jet your way around cities steeped in history, uncover the wonders of the world, follow the well-trodden paths of the most famous pilgrimages or travel to lost worlds and discover extraordinary architecture. Take a trip that will satisfy the most sophisticated history buffs and gain insight into the inspiration for some of the greatest pieces of artistry to date, with some exclusive luxuries along the way.


For curious urban explorers, head to Rome and discover the secret libraries which house the rarest documents and most precious books, from Michelangelo’s testament to Caravaggio’s trial. Descend into the fascinating world that lies hidden below the city’s streets, including extraordinary archaeological sites

Step-off the beaten track and enjoy private transfers, exclusive excursions and unique access to unusual and unheard-of historical sites, hilltribe villages and ornate Buddhist temples in a tailor-made temple hopping trip through South East Asia.  

Experience Provencal life as the master of your very own 18th century castle, fully equipped with a library, billiards table, hammam and cinema room. From this idyllic setting, explore the region’s lavish history, ancient architecture, medieval castles, forts and palaces.

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